Perfect for Complex Parts

At PCS we provide top-quality EPD coating services for almost any item. EPD is a process that is guaranteed the best for coating and manufacturing. This unique process called Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) works to apply a complete coating that is thick enough to cover the entire surface. This precise coating technique allows the contours and recesses of small or complex parts to be coated efficiently.

Our EPD coating is available in any gloss, color, or finish you need. This can allow your component substrate to look like metals that are much more expensive to produce. A common example of this would be coating an item crafted from aluminum to look exactly like stainless steel or brass.

PCS’s coatings are manufactured and designed in the United Kingdom by a qualified coatings formulator that has been supplying products globally since 1982. These products have been available to the North American coating market since 1991. Certain services are done domestically, including color matching, custom blending, distribution, and quality control. PCS only provides top quality EPD coating services, and we ensure this by working with only the most qualified coating distributors.


Our experienced and qualified staff are ISO certified in the electrocoating processes so that our customers receive the best coating application possible.

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EPD Coated Part
EPD coating is an efficient way to coat complex and/or
tight tolerance parts

EPD coating can be applied to any conductive substrate as follows:

  1. Parts are dipped into a specialized bath and electrically charged to bond the coating to the piece
  2. Parts are placed in an oven to finish securing the coating
  3. Parts are cleaned using multiple specialized baths throughout various stages of the process