One-Stop Finishing Shop

Customers can issue one PO to PCS and we will take care of the rest. From supply chain management, sourcing of raw materials, fabrication to coating, printing, packaging and delivery, we handle every step of the process with the attention to detail that our customers expect.


Many products aren’t finished after being coated, there are extra steps to be taken to get the product ready for the end-user. PCS is prepared to assist your company in getting there.

PCS utilizes two methods for assembling powder coated items, on line and off line.

  • Basic assembly systems can be completed On Line. The process is set up near the powder coating conveyor system and is completed right when the parts come off the line and have cooled to a mild temperature. These minor processes include adding end caps to step rails, simple bolt bolt together assemblies, and more.
  • More complex assembly systems are completed in our dedicated Value Added Department. The parts are staged and scheduled after coating for more intensive processes. Here the team will follow complex and detailed instructions to assemble multiple part assemblies.

Pad Printing

PCS offers options for durable long lasting Pad Printing in many colors, configurations and styles. Ink can be precision placed on raw metal, smooth powder coat, plastic and rubber.

For large scale Pad Printing needs, PCS works closely with local industry friends that have a laser focus on printing and are better suited for high volume runs.

Supply Chain Management

PowderCoat Services can assist you and your industry partners in many ways. PCS regularly works with supporting companies to get parts in, coated, and out as efficiently as possible. This includes coordinating deliveries, sourcing necessary packaging, connecting contacts for processes outside of PCS and much more.

The end goal is to get your components ready to sell and use.

Final Packaging

After coating, asembly and or printing come Final Packaging. Packaging is another process PCS takes on to help get your product ready for the market. Packaging is another process that can be done both on line and off.

The dedicated Value Added team at PCS is well versed in proper packaging practices that ensure the coated product is safe and contained properly to avoid damage during shipping. Additionally, using assembly line style processing allows the team to follow detailed instructions for proper Bill Of Material fulfillment.


Short term warehousing is available for pieces that are ready and scheduled to be coated or are awaiting further components necessary prior to coating.

Longer term warehousing can be negotiated and arranged on items after the coating or assembly process is completed


PCS maintains a small fleet of trucks and a tractor-trailer that are operated by courteous, professional drivers for deliveries in Orange County, Los Angeles, and other southern California locations.

For orders that need to be transported beyond our local delivery map, PCS enlists the help of several major freight companies that can get your parts wherever you need them to be.

Contact us today to learn more about our Southern California supply chain management and other turnkey services