Iron Phosphate Pre-Wash

Deionized Wash

One of the most important stages of powder coating is properly preparing the parts by removing any residues such as oil, grease, dust, and rust. We use an iron phosphate wash pre-treatment to ensure that your surfaces are prepared for powder coating properly.

Benefits of the iron phosphate wash pre-treatment include:

    • better adhesion for processes like powder coating paint
    • improved corrosion resistance
    • a surface that is tightly bonded to the base metal
    • can be used with almost any material
    • contains more environmentally friendly by-products than other pre-washes

Once the pre-wash is completed, parts are then washed with a Deionized Wash (DI Wash) for a comprehensive cleaning to remove and leftover chemicals. We also offer sand blasting and descaling as needed.

These important steps ensure your surfaces are prepared for powder coating properly in order to guarantee that your finished job lasts, looking just as beautiful in the years to come as it does today.


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