Powder Coat Services


Powder coating was first invented in the 1940s and quickly rose to prominence over the next few decades. Now it is one of the most popular and common coating methods because it can efficiently coat commercial parts, while remaining environmentally friendly. Powder coating can consistently coat parts of all shapes and sizes, and PowderCoat Services is proud to offer the highest quality powder coating and industrial finishing services in the Newport Beach area.

We constantly work to not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our ISO 9001:2015 powder coating processes offer exceptional quality at competitive prices. Our industrial finishing and powder coating experts in Newport Beach can paint products of any shape, size, or dimension. These finishes are durable and made to last. So if your product has a unique or difficult shape, texture, or specific color that needs to be achieved, then powder coating is your answer.

We personalize our service for each of our customers, because we recognize that no two jobs are the same, and we’ll even help you select the perfect finish for your component. Black is the most common finish color, however, there are plenty of variations. It can be glossy or matte to give it a specific look. Our experts in Newport Beach can make it It can be a smooth finish, or textured to achieve a certain look or help it hide imperfections. Textured coatings can do even more, like hide fingerprints or provide more grip if it’s a part that is handled a lot.

We also work with a variety of powder chemistries to make sure that the finish can withstand your product’s use case. For example, polyesters will allow your finish to resist UV exposure better than an epoxy. However, epoxies are more resistant to corrosion, which makes them better suited for certain tasks. We also offer finish hybrids that are designed to perform in both situations, although end results may not be as ideal.

Our consultation team will help you decide on the best finish choices for your job. We will work to help you achieve the perfect color, texture, and chemistry for your finish. Our powder coating and industrial finishing services in Newport Beach will deliver a finish that meets your required durability and style. Your project is customized so the finish you get meets your needs.

When you’re ready to get started with your next project, give us a call at (714) 533-2251. We look forward to working with you!

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Black coatings are the most popular

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Finishes available in any color

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