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Since we opened our doors back in 1981, we at PCS have offered industry-leading powder coating services to the Irvine area and beyond. We believe in placing people first, which is why we have a high employee retention rate, and why many of our employees are veterans of more than 25 years.

At PCS, we have four production lines and each is fully equipped with in-line power washers, overhead conveyors, and an on-site testing lab, which includes salt spray testing. Our focus is on offering consistent, high-quality products with a quick turnaround. With our drive for ongoing improvement, PCS will remain one of Irvine's leading powder coating applicators.

  • Prep work - We ensure that surfaces are properly prepared for powder coating by stripping and sandblasting them so there is no leftover residue. We also handle capping, plugging, and custom die-cut masking. By doing this, we ensure the coating is applied properly so that your job lasts as long as possible, maintaining its quality for years.
  • Powder coating - We follow ISO 9001:2008 certified processes, a quality management system that ensures we at PCS can meet our customers’ needs for all of our work. No matter the size, shape, or dimensions of the job, our powder coating services offered in Irvine by our ISO certified specialists will meet, or exceed, industry standards, no matter the job.
  • Support processes - Take advantage of our 35 years of experience to make sure any additional processes you need are handled correctly. We offer a variety of painting services, including plating, anodizing chem-film, or liquid painting, as well as warehouse services, transportation, and more.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our powder coating and turn-key services in Irvine. At PCS, our mission is to maintain the highest quality, at the best value and greatest efficiency. If you need powder coating services in Irvine, PCS is the choice for you.

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