A Variety of Finishes Available

Powder coatings were originally developed as an environmentally sound method of painting commercial parts. The process has grown over the years into one of the most common finishes available. Now, PowderCoat Services offers industrial ISO powder coating that exceeds industry standards for all types of items, including irregularly-shaped or erratically sized items that are normally difficult to finish.

PCS provides top-quality finishes for items of any shape, size and dimension. Our ISO 9000:2008 compliant powder coating techniques are recognized as some of the best in the business, providing the best possible finish at a reasonable price.

We help our customers select the best finish for their needs. This personalized service ensures each customer receives the ideal coating for their components.

The majority of our work is in some variation of black. The coatings come in finishes from high gloss to flat, with semi-gloss being the most common. There are also various textures, which can hide small manufacturing flaws and allow the customer to grip the product more easily. Textured products are more forgiving of fingerprints.

Our powders are available in a variety of chemistries for use in different situations. Polyesters are best suited for outdoor products that will be exposed to UV. Epoxies provide the best corrosion resistance against chemicals and oils. There are also hybrids of these products that meet both requirements, although with less ability in both areas.

Our finishes are available in virtually any color, as well as in different chemistries and different glosses with metallics or textures. Common colors are readily available, whether stocked here or in our local provider’s warehouses. Powders can be developed in your own house color to differentiate your products from competitors. This requires working with our staff to identify the best product.

Powders have also been designed to maximize flexibility, improve edge coverage, affect material thickness or reduce the Faraday cage effect of using a static charge in the application.

Our powder coat finishes are not only of the highest possible quality but are attractive, standing out from other finishes and highlighting our commitment to providing beautiful, durable products that are environmentally sound.

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